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every story has a beginning.

discover ours.

Welcome to VAINE, a magazine made for and by emerging artists. We seek to support, help and encourage early career creators from all around the world to gain the place they deserve in the competitive world of art. 

Our purpose is to create opportunities for emerging artists and writers, raise our voices and give them the recognition and exposure they deserve.
More than a magazine, we seek to be a platform to create connections, share and discover the new emerging talents. We have big plans for the future, but most importantly we have the passion to continue creating and growing every day, would you stay to discover what's yet to come?

Welcome to the #vainefamily  
Big Love,
Siria & Dom




VAINE was born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result of lots of free time, bad experiences and a real desire to help others. 

As emerging artists ourselves, we know firsthand how hard it is to get recognition for your work. We found ourselves in a loop, submitting to magazines and journals which, far from valuing our work, they took advantage of our desire of being published to create a business around it. 

But the truth is that now, looking back, we appreciate these experiences, because they made us stronger and gave us the courage and determination to embark ourselves in this amazing project. 

A year after starting this journey, we couldn't believe all the achievements so far and how much we had grown in just a year. 

That motivated us to improve everyday and get more recognition. We achieved one of our first goals on April 2021, right after publishing our third edition on the theme of Mental Health, through which we could also donate half of the proceeds to a Mental Health Charity (CALM). We were mentioned in the Top 5 best Mental Health publications on and layer that year, we were awarded with the Small Magazines grant by Welsh Books Council. 

At the end of the year, we achieves two of our big goals: print the magazine and pay contributors. 

As in a dream, we started the year with lots of resolutions to fulfill and a new team member: our very first volunteer. 

Since then, we haven't stoped working hard to improve and to ensure our contributors and emerging artists and writers have the support they deserve during their journey in the world of art. 

Last summer, we expanded the team and we can not be more grateful that there're people our there, willing to help us creating this platform. 

VAINE has always been and will be a collaborative and community project. And from here, to continue growing!



Dom Thomas



Siria Ferrer

Creative Director & Graphic Designer



Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

Judy Ma

Andra Smalenic

Untitled_Artwork 5 copy.jpg

Katerina Panaretaki

Copywriter & Editorial Assistant


Editorial Assistant & Illustrator


Editorial & Visual Assistant


Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Eleanor Kay

Social Media Assistant 


Untitled_Artwork 5 copy 2.jpg

Laetitia Leisure Desbriere-Batista

Editorial Assistant & Copywriter


VAINE's Memory 


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