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In this issue we will explore the life behind the screen, looking at the ways in which we increasingly live our lives online. 


This issue features a wide selection of poetry on themes such as anxiety, depression, detention in a mental health facility, addiction, anorexia and more; fiction addressing issues such as trauma and suicidal thoughts, and features on PTSD and an in-depth interview with a former NHS psychiatrist, all illustrated with incredible artwork from an international host of emerging artists and illustrators. 

Half of the proceeds go to Uk mental health charity CALM


This issue features art from established artists Liina Klauss and Ben Carter who kindly allowed us to publish their incredibly powerful works on environmental waste and consumerism in their respective media of land art and artistic photography. We also have a special update on the Belarus protests from Moscow writer Sergey Gusev. As ever our poetry section includes works from some great emerging talent speaking on current events and the subjects of this issue. We also have an extract from the forthcoming novel by FE Lehane in our fiction section.


In this first edition of VAINE Magazine, you will find a wide range of emerging artists from around the globe that talk about current events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, among others. 

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