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Have you ever thought about why some pieces of art or writing get made, and others seem destined to remain unfinished?

This issue aims to be an ode to those ‘unfinished’ works, half-written stories or discarded ideas.

As creatives we inevitably tend to come up against our learned ideas about art, our inner critic and above all our own expectations when creating, which can often lead us to abandon works which had the potential to be something great. In this issue we seek to explore this phenomenon and urge you to rework some of your own abandoned projects so they can see the light of day!



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The Creative Process

'The Creative Process' is the complex journey all artists embark on. From finding that one idea that makes you feel like a genius to discarding said idea and feeling like a failure, I have felt all the overwhelming emotions of the process and gone through it many times. 

I generate my ideas from numerous sources: from inspiration from art styles and artists, my surroundings, or sometimes an idea just appears out of nowhere. Either way, when that one idea sparks my brain, everything feels like it makes sense. I mainly experienced these moments when studying art at college, waiting for that perfect lightbulb moment to progress my work.

However, after completing college and ending my Art education, I found it harder to develop ideas and find ones I didn't discard. I began to discard my thoughts, as every artist does, for the sake of originality or feeling my own creativity falter. I vividly remember being met with a mental block, unsure how to progress my ideas and find new ones. With this, disappointment and all the mental challenges of making art arose, from thinking 'Am I good enough?' to 'What's the point?"

Although it felt as if all hope was lost in those moments, however, I found these phases would pass, overcoming those negative emotions and being able to produce something I was happy with and proud of. Despite discarding countless ideas to find the one that felt right, these ideas weren't as redundant and useless as I thought they were in the past. In these discarded ideas, I have found new inspiration or created pieces of work later that I learned to love.


Sometimes. The creative process feels like a battle, ending in an artist feeling hopeless in pursuing their medium. Still, in recent years, I've understood that these are just some of the complexities and challenges of being an artist. One must go through the trials and tribulations of producing art, using creativity, and overcoming all challenges to create something truly remarkable.

- Eleanor Kay

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