Welcome to VAINE Magazine, a new literary and arts magazine based on current events!

VAINE is a quarterly magazine made for and by emerging artists and writers.


We thank you for supporting us at the very early stages of what we hope will be a long-running and successful project.

Our aim is to bring together emerging artists and writers from all over the world in one place in order to showcase their talents to an audience, and give them some of the much needed exposure and recognition their work deserves.

We have big plans for the future, and hope to grow VAINE into a community of artists who can meet, share and critique each other's work, and also collaborate.

If you are a writer or artist looking to publish your work to an audience, or a reader interested in the arts and current events, congratulations, you have come to the right place! 


Thanks from,

Dom Thomas and Siria Ferrer Sainz-Pardo, VAINE Editors




Co-Editor & Graphic Designer

Siria is an artist and photographer from Ibiza, Spain. Some of her photos have recently been featured in Iconic Artist Magazine and Vogue Italy. Her favourite things are art, fashion, snorkeling and kittens. Her dislikes are injustices and hypocrisy.



Editor in Chief

Dominic is a writer, songwriter and librarian from south Wales. He has previously worked as a journalist and teaching assistant. His favourite are poetry, sleep and rock music. His dislikes are social media and capitalism.

Ethics of VAINE

  •  We are a magazine for and by emerging artists. We are founded on the principles of giving a platform to emerging artists to present their work, and finding them an audience to increase their visibility.

  • We intend to create a community of artists who can give feedback on each other's work, support, network and collaborate with each other.

  • Our submission window is open to all and it is free for anyone to submit to us.

  •  All work will be considered equally, regardless of where its creators have previously been published.

  • As we are just beginning and self-funding the costs, we cannot pay artists for their contributions at this time, however, this is something that we feel strongly about. We see our role at present as a platform to help new artists increase their audience, as well as investigating the best way of monetising the content of the magazine in order to keep growing the platform, in order to eventually pay contributors. We are dedicated to eventually being able to give remuneration to artists for their works in our magazine, and are working on a plan to make this happen.

  • For the time being we will remain free to submit to and will also be offering competitions with cash prizes as well as other opportunities for artists which could lead to paid work.

  • We hope to offer opportunities to artists by providing resources for them to reach the next stage of their artistic career.

  • As well as our magazine, we hope to expand our platform into offering literary publishing services, a music platform, label and more.

  •  We stand against the exploitation of artists in the art world, and want to be a space where artists feel like their work is valued.