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Come on a journey with us in our sixth edition of VAINE, through borders, cultures and generations, to discover stories of origin, emigration and belonging from emerging writers and artists.


Stories, poetry, art and features of emigration, war, transracial adoption, globalisation and even a community of people reviving a remote settlement formed in the Mediaeval period, among many more. 


So many factors influence our personal relationships with place and identity. It’s barely ever enough for most people to say “I am (insert singular national identity)” or “I’m from (insert place of origin)” and neatly sum up their story of origin. 


More often and not, these answers are fraught with contradiction, complexity, personal and political history, and many times, a hugely revealing part of ourselves - which we don't always want to go into. 


What we aimed at with this issue is to fully explore these types of answers, to get a sense of the diversity, and perhaps commonality, of these disparate experiences.

Issue 06: Place & Identity

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