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(Be)longing is a grassroots, multi-lingual poetry anthology on the theme of 'belonging'. Organized by Cardiff-based poet and linguist Nahal Namvari, the book contains the work of 18 poets, which appear both in their various native languages and in English.


"As is the case in life, in this book we do too travel together - through the voices of the forgotten and the oppressed, the lonely voices that yearn to cry out to be heard, the voices that travel through places and points in time, through the method of rhythm and rhyme, through multitudes of meanings that the realm of language offers - all to discover what it really means to belong." Greta Bosma


The book contains poetry in Dutch, Farsi, Welsh, Italian, Cornish, French, Spanish, Romainian and Arabic, all with English translations.


All proceeds from the sale of this book will go two two local charities in Cardiff. Llamau, which focusses on homelessness in Wales, and Oasis Cardiff, who help integrate refugees and those seeking asylum in the Welsh capital.


Cover design by Sophi Megan

(Be)longing Anthology

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