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Welcome to the fifth issue of VAINE, the international magazine for emerging artists and writers.


Issue 05 explores the topic of dreams - the surreal but also everyday phenomenon which has long since fascinated humanity, and inspired incredible works of art. 


What do dreams mean? Where do they come from? What, if anything, should we do about them?


These are just some of the fundamental questions explored in this issue, which features fiction and poetry on lucid dreaming, the metaphysics of dreams, fantasy, fears, nightmares and much more, including features articles on their role in psychotherapy, and a look inside London artist Stephen Wright’s ‘House of Dreams’. 


For the first time, we also include a brand new editorial photography section, which we hope can become a long-standing feature. As ever, we have an international array of art, from wax pastels to digital illustrations, which help shed light on the words, and create a striking offering. 


Take a journey with us through the subconscious, into the mysterious and surreal realm of dreams.


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